Sunday, June 19, 2005

Annual Conference

I thought I would make a brief post about Annual Conference. For all those who don’t know, Annual Conference is the annual meeting of all United Methodists in a particular geographic area (e.g. New England) to spend time worship, conferencing, meeting, gossiping (and slandering from time to time), and making decisions together. So, in true I-can’t-write-a-complete-paragraph blogger form, are the highlights.

I confess that I did not approach the Annual Conference in a Spirit filled way. I overanalyzed the worship services, mocked the people I perceived as tedious or arrogant, and let my wish to participate in the peanut gallery interfere with a sense of where the Holy Spirit might be leading us.

Oh well, there’s always next year to improve. Now, on to the highlights!

Highlights I Regret I Missed

-John Blackadar, current conference secretary, future District Superintendent, singing "Spitball Me Lord Over the Homeplate of Life" after the Board of Ordained Ministry Meeting.

- The candy fueled late night D.S. and future D.S. party on Wednesday night. (It’s nice to know that my future supervisors can have a good time!)

Highlights I Wished I Missed

- The 40 MINUTE debate on a two and a half line resolutaion on whether we give our names and addresses so a reputable insurance company can send us information about the possibility of getting long term healthcare. (Incidentally, after a heated debate, the motion passed about 1100 to 3.)

- The absentminded, confused, and dyxlexic PowerPoint operator of the first two days of Conference, who forgot that clicking to the next slide is not an optional activity, that most hymns have more than one verse, and no, amazingly enough, we don’t know the other five verses of the hymn from memory.

- The long youth ministry session where everyone (mostly the old people) felt compelled to TALK about how much they loved youth, presumably to compensate for their lack of action when they return to their local churches.

- The spiritual cliff I dropped off every time they followed up Bishop Weaver’s inspired sermons with yet another aggresively unsingable mediocre song

Highlights I’m Glad I Missed

- Ordained clergy publicly questioning our Bishops’ intergirty on this issue of homosexuality during his first session with the clergy on Wednesday. Welcome to New England Bishop!

Highlights I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss

- Talking with Drew Professor Chris Boessel about community

- Bishop Weaver’s spirit filled inspired sermons. He is officially my new hero.

- The utterly spontaneous times of fellowship with members of the Green Street delegation and others

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Actual Introductory Post

I hate mass e-mails and I hate forwards. Somehow, they seem so untidy, cluttering up our inboxes, ending up in the rubbish or junk files, taking up space and memory. So, instead of sending out mass e-mails about my adventures in seminary and occasional rantings, I'll just take some space up on the vast world wide web instead.
If you're reading this, then you know who I am and at least something about me. I'm giving into this online blogging craze because this seems to be the most logical way to let everyone know how I am doing. I will try to post at least once a week this fall, detailing my adventures at Drew School of Theology this fall and ranting whenever I feel the urge. So enjoy! Or at least survive.

The First (Or the Last, Depending On How You Read) Post

If you have scrolled through countless posts and slogged through large amounts of borderline unreadable material to find this post, then congratulations. I admire you devotion.
Now, go out and find something more exciting to do. Read a good book, hang out with friends, spend some time praying or exercising, I have nothing more to say.